The first Asians were the result of an accidental mating between a Burmese female and a Chinchilla male.  The owner named the particularly attractive kittens Burmillas and since then they have consistently grown in popularity.  This breed is friendly, sociable and very outgoing.   Burmillas are just one of the breeds that makes up Asian cats.  What they all have in common is that they should be of Burmese type.   The coat colours of Asians include Selfs {Bombay if black}, Tabbies, Shaded, tipped and smokes.  There is also a longhair version known as a Tiffanie.

Our Asians are playful, friendly and easy to live with and, most of all, they are so easy to love.  After you have had an Asian you will always live with one.  On top of their personalities they are physically very beautiful and a strong healthy breed.

Sliabh Saffron

burmillassaffy adult 1 saffy adult 2


Beautiful daughter of Ch. Sliabh Edina Monsoon and our Gr Ch. Burmese boy Ismisha Dapper Dan.  Stunning girl who we cant wait to show.  Ticked like mum and with a killer personality.  A special cat who we adore. adult pics to follow but this is a baby pic of her and her sister Helang.

Sliabh Ru Paul

ru paul

Ru is a black silver burmilla girl from our old asian line and is a beautiful type outgoing girl.  We are hoping to keep the silver gene with this girl.



Champion Sliabh Vannaparty

This beautiful Burmilla girl is our show hopeful for 2008,  She has an extremely short and well marked coat, she is a brown silver Burmilla.  She is the fourth generation down from Xena (Quercus Romany Rian) and her brothers who are behind so many beautiful Asians in Ireland and the UK.  Honey is now retired and neutered.

PIC00170.JPGhoney 1

Champion Sliabh Bettydaviseyes

Chocolate silver Burmilla, at the Cork Cat Show 2006, First, Best of Breed, Best Asian, Best Foreign Kitten, Best Foreign Overall Exhibit, Best Kitten in Show and Reserve Best in Show, at Sabcci 2006 First, Best of Breed, Best Asian kitten, Best Foreign Kitten.  What a start!!!!!!

This beautiful girl has an amazing personality and reminds me every time I see her why I love this breed so much.  She made champion in her first three adult shows. She is now retired and is followed by her daughter Sliabh Edina Monsoon


Grand Champion Prefere Symphony

Eddie has just arrived at Sliabh Cats from Mary little. Thank you Mary for this lovely boy.  Eddie was shown to great success by Mary so we are very happy to have this lovely boy with us and hope to have some lovely babies from him.  He is a very sweet and friendly boy with an excellent coat and amazing eyes.  Eddie is now retired and neutered but is followed by his lovely daughter Sliabh Edina Monsoon

eddie copy1

Grand Champion Prefere Symphony Supreme Foreign adult 2008, 2009 Supreme show”Eddie”pic Mary Little

Champion Sliabh Edina Monsoon

She is the daughter of  Grand Champion Prefere Symphony and our own lovely Champion Sliabh BettyDaviseyes.  She has had three shows, all first and two CC’s in her adult shows .  We are hoping to finish her title this year as she had time off for babies.  She looks very like her Dad in colour but is more like her mum in type.  with such lovely parents we are hoping she will do well for us.

Eddina1 edina 1

Champion Cagaran Kittyling-o-Hinnie

Our first venture back in to Tiffanies for a few years.  Bred by Heather McCrae.  This girl is divine type and an angel to live with.  She has an amazing pedigree going back to some fantastic Asians.  Her Dad also lives with us , Uk Ch. Cagaran Eiteag-Barr.  We are expecting our first babies from him in 2016.


honey 2honey 1




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