About SliabhCats

Sliabh Cats is a registered prefix, owned by Martin O’Sullivan whose cattery is based in County Limerick, Ireland.  The aim of Sliabh Cats is to breed healthy, happy kittens that grow up in loving homes and sometimes kittens are also available to showing homes.  All the kittens are born and raised in our home and are completly familiar with household activity.  Our cats also have access to outside runs.   For details of kittens that are available for homing please contact 086 080 4087..

I have had cats since I was a child and have always adored them.  Many years ago I bought a cream Persian, Lucy, and bred one litter from her.  This was my first visit to pedigree cats.  Lucy was then neutured and lived with us or, should I say, we lived with her until late 2003.  Lucy ruled the house supremely and without question. Old age made her far more pleasant and tolerant of the rest of us.  She is still greatly missed.

Lucy Looking Regal

A few years ago I became interested in Burmese cats and haven’t looked back since.  While we now keep only a couple of Burmese and Asians, we are also breeding and showing British shorthairs, who have stolen my heart.  The British have taken over the cat family and are much adored and so easy to live with.

I am still in the early years in the world of Pedigree Cats and am still learning and I am sure I will be for some time.  For me, the most important thing is the health and happinness of my cats.  If I happen to breed a show winner, that is great, but it is far more important that kittens from my cattery get secure, loving and happy homes where all their needs are cared for.  I do some animal rescue work and, I am against all forms of animal cruelty.

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Two New champions in 2015


Telephone: 0860804087